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Brown David Here, Hello Guys! Welcome to SEO To Internet Marketing!

Professionally, I am a Civil Engineer graduated from Universidad de la República. 

Before I start my online journey, I was working on different construction as a site engineer.

That doesn't work out! Many of you might think Civil Engineering was a pretty Good profession. But for me, I prefer to work independently. So, after working 4 years as a Civil Engineer on different projects I save some money & take a vacation on the Carribean. I was really exhausted & tired of my busy working schedule (Tired of my Job, Long Working Hours & Annoying Boss)! So, I need a vacation so badly. 

That vacation really change my life. How?! Let's talk more about it..

I was on Hotel "Kamel Port" & enjoying my lovely dinner. That night I eat too much food actually those dish was pretty delicious. After having my dinner I felt pretty dizzy so I went to the bed but for some strange reason, I can't sleep!!  

So, I turn on my laptop & head over to YouTube for watching something. My main purpose was to watch the latest hit's (Music Videos). On my YouTube Homepage/Timeline a video just pop up as a featured. That thumbnail of the video really grab my attention. 

The video was made from Alex Becker & it was about "How Alex Use Local SEO & Generate Five Figure Income" to be more specific it was about Local Rental Methods. That was really exciting & I really like how alex explain stuff on his video. That video was a promo for his SEO course "Source University". 

Source University is The First Resource of my SEO Journey...

Without thinking too much I purchase Source University Course & Monthly Membership for their regular Webinar. I was completely newbie. I don't have any idea about Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Information Products, Domain, Hosting anything.

Thanks to Alex Becker for his amazing course, the whole course is based on PBN's & how to use PBN's to rank a site. Also, special thanks to Gregory Ortiz & Steven for sharing their valuable knowledge on Local Search Engine Optimization & Clients getting script.

The best part about Source University was! I meet a lot's of people on our private Facebook group. We regularly chat, share & talk about many things about SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Local SEO Lead Generation, Local Rental Methods.

Brown David Starts His Online Journey With Local SEO

Local SEO was the most profitable business until 2017 as of 2014 I start my online journey. So, Local Search Engine Optimization was one of the top paying niche/industry of internet marketing at that moment. You guys might be thinking, so if Local SEO was most popular until 2017, so what is most profitable online business nowadays?!

I think Drop-shipping & Bitcoin is most profitable business these days. Everybody knows the price of Bitcoin will rise like mountain & also it can be down to zero some days. But when we are talking about drop-shipping than it has the most ROI if you combine your shopify store with a Facebook ads & you know how to do scaling. 

This page is all about my online journey & what I am doing these days. So, I will not go in-debt too much about Shopify Store & Facebook ads here. Keep visiting my site regularly, I will upload a full in-debt blog post about "How To Make A Auto-Piolet Shopify store with a little help from Philippine Virtual Assistance.

It Took Almost 2 Month When I Get My First Local SEO Client..

Guys, you already know I am from Uruguay. So, finding people for my SEO service was very tough because in my country SEO was not a familiar topics and people don't willing to spend any money on website creation or SEO. So, I build couple of Local Business sites (USA & CANADA) on Plumbing, Roof Repair & Installation, Cosmetic Surgery & rank them for a bunch of keyword on Google (Location Based Keyword). For example "Plumbing Services in Houston".

At the very beginning, I only build and rank couple of sites & when I get my first client I invest more money & create couple of more & than this process goes on and on. 

In 2015, it was very easy to rank a keyword based on service+location. So, it took me just 1 week of work to build and optimize 1 site & after 3 more weeks Boom!! I get page 1 rank on Google for keyword like "Plumbing Services on New Jersey".

How much money I have spend to rank Location+Service based website. To be honest on that moment, I only know "How To Rank Any Website by using PBN's & it cost me 3-7  unique PBN & 301 Redirect to rank for 5-10 location based keyword for a local site (Like Plumbing Services on Houston, Plumbers on Houston, Houston Plumbers etc.)

It took me almost 2 months when I get my first client. I give the client almost 160+ phone calls/leads within 6 months what is more than enough.

My Local SEO Business Finish With a Big Bang

After doing Local SEO for 2 years on 2016, I finish all of my previous contracts with my client because of my extreme illness. I stay away from Computer & Internet for 5 months & when I feel, I am ready for work. I come back to my online world again. Most of my domain name & PBN was not there anymore & my Bluehost, GoDaddy & Hostgator account was also ban for not staying active.

I have some Good Money on my bank account from my previous Local SEO Business. I shift to a new apartment & than I keep studying more about SEO, Google's algorithm & top rankings factors. Than I found Udemy.com (An Online Course Platform) & Authority Hacker Pro.

I take a Full SEO course by Abdul Wali on udemy & Authority Hacker pro for increasing my SEO knowledge. By reading a lot's of blog posts from Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Gale Breton & Aron Wall I made my own SEO blueprint/ranking blueprint. 

Authority Hacker Pro & Flippa Help Me To Generate $14,000 Within Just 7 Months

Actually one of my college friend give me his access of Authority Hacker pro & I download all of the video & resources from Authority Hacker pro (Sorry Gale & Matthew). For this short access I give my friend $150 Bucks & my Dragon Ball Z CD Collection. 

When I finish authority hacker pro, I have to admit  this is one of the most in-debt step by step training program I ever take & to be honest it's totally change my life. I want to thank Gale once again for his amazing course, "You Are A Hero". I can't believe it he pass so much value able information. Anyway, let's continue.

After following Authority Hacker Pro & it's full blueprint I made a authority site on GYM Coaching/ Health & Fitness site something like health ambition. Than after 5 months I get 30K-50K monthly visitors (75% of The Visitor's was organic) & Adsense revenue of $2000-$4000 each month. I was not very passionate about Health & Fitness Niche, my passion is always on the Internet Marketing, Make Money or Search Engine Optimization niche. So, I think why not sold the site?! 

I make a premium listing on Flippa for $250 Bucks & sold my site within just 2 weeks & receive more $14,000 on my bank account by flipping the site I don't care about.

At Present, What Am I doing?!

At present, I open two different accounts on Upwork & Freelancer.Com as a SEO Expert & doing SEO for couple of my clients. I already get two clients on Freelancer.Com but I like to get some more on Upwork. Besides my Freelance work as a SEO expert I build SEO To Internet Marketing to share my SEO knowledge with you guys, so you can rank your site quickly & easily on Google.

I uѕе a lot’s оf Web-Based Software & Tools tо successfully run & maintain mу Clients, Blog & E-Commerce Store. Also, I juѕt love tо test & review thе nеw information product & software. Every-day, I looked аt Top Internet Marketers & thеir lunched product thеn I review аll оf thеir tools, software, plugins аnd information products thаt gоt mу attention.

“Please bе careful, whеn I review a product thаt doesn’t mеаn I will recommend уоu tо uѕе it, ѕо bе ѕurе tо rеаd mу full Recommendation bеfоrе making аnу decision”.

Whеn I review аnу product, I personally buy & uѕе it myself. Also, I email thе product review video & content оf thе review blog posts tо mу Email Subscribers bеfоrе publishing аnу review content оn mу site. Moreover, I will include mу audience reaction tо thаt product оn mу review blog post. So, уоu will knоw thе rеаl people’s reaction tо thаt product. Hеrе уоu саn rеаd mу latest blog post, Click hеrе tо learn mоrе Abоut Me, Hеrе уоu will find аll оf mу reviews. Click hеrе tо hire mе оn Upwork…Thаnk уоu fоr visiting mу site.

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